Join us every Saturday for our adult class offerings. Each week alternates between Cardio Dance Club and our Adult Beginner Hip Hop class.

Cardio Dance Club: Cardio Dance Club is a dance fitness party combining a variety of rhythms and dance styles. From Latin to hip hop to jazz to pop to R&B, Cardio Dance Club delivers a little bit of everything. Class routines mix high and low intensity to provide a well-rounded, effective workout. Class format is lead follow.  Songs are broken down into parts and assigned certain steps.  As the song continues, sequences are repeated, making Cardio Dance Club the perfect choice for all levels. Fun and sweat guaranteed!

Adult Beginner Hip Hop: This class is designed to introduce the beginner dancer to the bass movements and styles of Hip Hop.  Class will focus on building a solid foundation to execute popular dance moves to original choreography. Every step is broken down, eventually building to a high energy, fun and  engaging routine designed to build stamina and increase musicality.  No previous experience necessary.

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