2023/24 SCHEDULE

Registration for currently Enrolled Students begin June 26th at 9am

Registration for New Enrollment Begins July 10th at 9am

Classes start at the PreK level.  The minimum age for class enrollment is 4 years old.

*Breakdancing Level 2 and 3  classes are by invitation only. No open registration.

Auditions required for Performance Team & Breaking Crew.


The minimum age for Breakdancing classes is 6 years old. 
  • Breakdancing Level 1 for students who have less than two semesters or new students.
  • Breakdancing Level 2 is ONLY open to students who have completed two full semesters of Breaking Level 1. (Some special case by case exceptions.)
    • Learning Requirements: Level 2 students must have an understanding and cognitive capability to distinguish and execute key footwork, toprock, and freeze foundations in the dance.
  • Breakdancing Level 3 is ONLY open to students who have been in a total of at least four semesters of Breakdancing. (Some special case by case exceptions.)
    • Learning Requirements: Level 3 students must have a strong background of foundational steps with the capability of flowing and combining the foundation at an advanced level.
  • Breakdancing Lv 3A is for returning Lv 3 students.

  • Breakdancing Lv 3B is for graduated Lv2 students.

2400 Performance Team:

  • Auditions are required
  • 2400 will have 3 hour time block that will be divided into two segments
  • Younger division will have a two hour time block from 5pm-7pm
  • Older Division will have a two hour time block from 6pm-8pm

Please review DL Studio guidelines, rules, expectations and Crew Member Pledge here. 

Kids Hip Hop & Breakdancing Classes


Fall/Winter(Semester 1): Monday, September 11th 2023- Monday, January 8th, 2024

Spring/Summer(Semester 2): Monday, January 29th 2024- Monday, June 3rd 2024


Full Year: $1225

Semester: $685

Spring Registration Dates:

Priority Registration:  Monday December 11th 2023 at 9am(Only for currently enrolled students and via Email)

Waitlist Registration: Wednesday January 3rd 2024 at 9am(Via email and available to those on waitlist prior to Nov 1st 2023)

General registration: Monday January 8th 2024 at 9am


*Price includes class tuition, a $25 non-refundable registration fee and $20 t-shirt fee.

IMPORTANT NOTE: To receive the full year tuition discount, you must pay in full at the start of the Fall/Winter semester. The full year tuition will NOT be applied to Fall/Winter semester purchases that re-register for the Spring/Summer semester. 

PERFORMANCE FEE: $90 (Includes costume, video and photography)

*The performance fee does not include sneakers.  We ask all students to purchase a black high top pair of Converse for the showcase.


Multi-sibling Discount: 5%

Single Student Multi-class Discount: 10%

To receive your unique discount code email us at or reimbursement will be given post purchase.

Refunds & Credits

A request for refund one month or earlier prior to class start will receive a full refund, less registration fee. A request for refund 29 days to two weeks prior to class start will receive 50% refund, less registration fee.  A request for refund two weeks to two days prior to class start will receive a 25% refund less registration fee. There are NO REFUNDS OF TUITION for any cancellation requests made two days or less prior to class start and once classes are in session.

In the case of a medical emergency, condition or injury that would prevent a student from continuing his or her classes, Dance on the DL reserves the right to treat any tuition reimbursement on a case by case basis.

NO CREDITS will be given to use for future sessions once refund time periods have been exceeded.

If classes have less than 3 students registered than it maybe subject to cancellation.

DL Studio does not provide refunds for any instance related to opposition of studio COVID-19 safety protocols.


Hip Hop is more than just music and a style of dance, it's a culture. In addition to teaching students the fundamentals of Hip Hop dance, Dance on the DL helps educate students about Hip Hop culture through review and conversation around the 5 Elements of Hip Hop; MC'ing, B-boying/girling (or Breakdancing), Graffiti, DJ'ing and Knowledge of the Movement.

The 5 Elements of Hip Hop

MC'ing: More commonly referred to as rappers, MC's are sharp-tongued and fast-talking. They are THE storytellers of hip hop culture and music.



B-boy/Girl (Commonly referred to now as Breakdancing.): In early hip hop parties, DJ's created what are termed "break beats." DJ's would find the breaks in music such as drum loops and pieced them together to create irresistible beats and rhythms.

B-boys or Break boys and girls came to be known because of the way they would move to these break beats in the music, experimenting with different styles and types of movements.

Graffiti: Some say "If MC'ing is what hip hop sounds like, then graffiti is what hip hop looks like." It is loud.  It is expressive.  It is bright. It tells a story, and it most definitely makes a statement. DL Studio has several pieces of graffiti art up in our studio from some of our favorite street artists including Banksy, Frank Morrison and Mr. Brainwash.

DJ'ing: Imagine walking into a club without a DJ or not hearing a mix that has been so expertly crafted that you have no choice, but to nod your head and start moving and grooving.

DJ Kool Herc (Clive Campbell) is credited for the creation of Hip Hop music.  In 1973, Herc hosted a "Back to School" party in Bronx, NY.  It is here where he developed and perfected his skills of creating break beats and giving all those who attended and generations to come a reason to hit the dance floor.


Knowledge: Tupac, Notorious B.I.G., Run DMC.  They didn't just create catchy songs, their lyrics tell a story and give anyone who will listen an understanding of what life is like growing up in the inner cities of America. You hear about life, death, triumph, tragedy, joy and pain.  And if we listen closely, there are many lessons to be learned.