What is the 2400 Crew?: The 2400 Crew is DL's performance team. Team training centers around preparation, rehearsal and execution of several local, live performances and concept videos. 

How can I become a 2400 Crew Member?

  • 2400 Crew auditions are open to ages 8 and up.  
  • Fall/Winter auditions for the 2400 Crew will take place on Saturday, September 10th. 
  • All auditions are open to the public.  You do NOT need to dance with Dance on the DL to be eligible to audition.
  • All who audition, must have a strong background in Hip Hop foundation and be capable of picking up choreography.
  • Audition Fee: $25

What will training include? All training will revolve around building well-rounded performers and TEAM. There will be two main categories of training.

  • Dance & Technique: Dancers will train across multiple dance genres including Hip Hop, Breakdancing, Jazz and Contemporary. Training will focus on technique, breadth of movement, connection to the dance, commitment to character and building stamina.
  • Performance/Show Preparation: When preparing for a live performance or video, the training schedule will be revised to revolve around rehearsals and preparations for each individual show. During this time, DL will require certain training times as mandatory. A full training schedule and schedule of performances will be provided.

2400 Crew Member Requirements: 

  • All 2400 Crew Members must attend FULL weekly rehearsals
  • More than two absences in a month will result in removal from the next performance.
  • Additional Practices may be added and students will have a projected schedule one month in advance on any additional rehearsals.
  • An absence from mandatory rehearsals counts as 2 full absences.

What is the time commitment?

  • 2400 Crew Member rehearsals will run every Friday from 4 -6pm.
  • Additional mandatory rehearsals maybe scheduled around performances.
  • 2400 Team Directors reserve the right to change/alter the practice schedule as needed to accommodate team needs.

What does it cost? $500/crew member*

*Includes: Costume, Choreography & any Performance Participation Fees. (This does not include any weekly class tuition.)

Why the 2400 Crew name?  When a fire becomes white hot, it has reached its hottest temperature. 2400 degrees is the average temperature that fire becomes white hot. And the 2400 Crew is guaranteed to turn up the heat and bring the fire wherever and whenever they perform.